Experience Smarter Drug Discovery

Organic Synthesis Workflow

The Biotage Approach to Drug Discovery

For over thirty years Biotage have been providing solutions across the workflow of organic chemistry, from synthesis systems through product workup, purification and evaporation. Our tools and products are used in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and in academic research across the globe. Find out how Biotage could revolutionize how you work.

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Peptide Synthesis Workflow

The Smart Way to Make Peptides

Biotage peptide synthesizers, flash purification systems and evaporators work in tandem to provide the fastest way to produce purified peptides ready for further research, and are used in peptide laboratories across the globe. Find out more about our workflow solutions to peptide synthesis.

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Large Scale Flash Purification Solutions

From Laboratory to Plant

Biotage flash purification systems range from laboratory sized up to large scale system capable of purifying Kg or sample in one run. Learn how you can take your research into production with flash purification.

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Metal Scavengers and Supported Reagents

Media-supported Chemistry

Biotage media-supported chemistry products include scavengers, metal scavengers and supported reagents, and find us in laboratories and production facilities worldwide. Learn how Biotage products could significantly ease your chemical processes and help you get results faster and more efficiently, whatever the scale.

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