5 Reasons to Selekt Biotage

The synthesis of new chemical entities certainly has a high environmental cost due to the chemicals employed, especially in flash column chromatography, where large quantities of solvent might be used. Learn more about strategies to reduce the environmental impact and the cost of your flash purifications.  

Learn how to be greener!

Biotage® Sfär is Here

Flash chromatography is about to change. We’re raising the bar. Forward-thinking chemists like you will be able to increase the speed, quality, and output of your chemistry.

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Biotage® Selekt is Here

The new Biotage® Selekt Flash Column Chromatography System is a system to be used with Konfidence.

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Because good enough isn’t good enough

The days of blue-sky thinking and enablement are almost upon us. Greater productivity,
greater control, and greener processes will advance your discovery projects in therapeutic
drug development. 

In a flash, techniques will become simpler and your results more reliable on a wider range
of molecules.

We believe good isn’t good enough so a new premium quality solution designed by chemists
for chemists is on the way. It’s chromatography, pure and simple. And that’s why we believe
you’d Selekt Biotage - Konfidence with a capital K.

Stay tuned for more information. You won't be disappointed.

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