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Greg Saunders

Biotage Selekt in Polymer Material Research at Konstanz University

April 16, 2020 at 3:21 PM / by Greg Saunders

The Biotage® Selekt Flash purification system is designed for the rapid and simple isolation of target molecules from complex mixtures. Typically, this is seen in the area of drug discovery, where large numbers of molecules are synthesized in order to find active pharmaceutical ingredients for future pharmaceutical use. However, flash purifications can be employed in any work that involves the requirement to purify compounds, which is most branches of chemistry.

In this customer case we talk to Florian Wimmer and Natalie Schunck, Ph.D. Students working in the field of chemical materials science at the Department of Chemistry in the University of Konstanz, Germany. Florian and Natalie are working with their recently purchased Biotage Selekt system, which has proved to be important for their work. 

To read their full story, follow the link below!

 Learn More from Konstanz 

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Greg Saunders

Written by Greg Saunders

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