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Biotage® Sfär

October 1, 2018 at 1:17 PM / by Raffaella Bombarda

Sfär Stands for Spherical, Biotage® Stands for Quality 

Biotage developed and introduced pre-packed columns for flash purification in 1994. Today our broad selection of columns enables professionals to choose the solution which best suits their purification needs.

Sfär is the Swedish word for "sphere", and the name of our columns reflects the fact that we have made spherical silica a standard due to its higher surface area and higher loading capacity. Reliable and flexible, Biotage® Sfär columns deliver larger loading capacities, tighter elution bands and purer fractions than traditional flash columns.
Biotage® Sfär is a complete portfolio of flash columns, available in a large variety of sizes from 5g to 350 g and in a range of media types, so you can purify milligrams to multi-grams of your valuable compounds quickly and easily.

The Greenest Columns

Chemistry, by its very nature, involves the use of chemicals that can be harmful, toxic and potentially damaging to the environment. Discovery research currently has a large and expensive environmental footprint so finding a solution is good for both the chemist and the environment.
Our contribution to protect the environment with the new columns is clear.

Purify More with Less

A first step to a greener purification is using a column with a higher loading capacity, so you can purify the same amount of sample on a smaller column  and hence use lower flow rates and less solvent;  and ultimately finish the job quicker. This will make your whole process greener, less expensive and also more efficient.
To do that you need a column that has been designed with your needs in mind by the pioneers in flash purification: Biotage® Sfär HC (High Capacity).


Double Your Loading Capacity

Our proprietary silica in Sfär HC delivers  increased surface area, no fines, and remarkably low pressure. This means your loading capacity is much higher compared to standard columns, thus reducing purification costs, environmental impact, and making separation faster.
Sfär columns have been designed to tolerate higher pressures, so you can use higher flows to speed up the purification process even further.
The unique design of Biotage® Sfär makes it possible to load your columns in six different ways, including three different dry loading options thanks to the Biotage Samplet®. For your difficult separations, when you want to utilize dry loading in the most convenient way, take advantage of the orange flower shaped cap of Biotage® Sfär D (Duo).

The Most Flexible Columns

With  Biotage® Sfär D we are introducing additional flexibility in the way columns can be loaded.

Liquid loading:

  • By pushing the sample into the top port of the column with a syringe;
  • By unscrewing the top, removing the spacer, and pouring the sample on to the top of the stationary phase;

Dry loading, after removing the spacer:

  • By introducing your sample to a Samplet®, unique to Biotage®, evaporating the solvent, and then loading the Samplet into the columns cavity - a simple and effective way of loading your sample on to silica container;
  • By absorbing your sample onto silica or another sorbent of your choice, drying, and then introducing the doped silica into the top cavity of the column;
  • By absorbing your sample onto silica or another sorbent of your choice, drying, and then introducing the doped silica into a Dry Load Vessel, and connecting it to the top of the column;
  • By introducing your sample to a pre-packed Dry Load Vessel, evaporating the solvent and connecting it to the top of the column;


    The spherical particles in the columns support faster flow rates to speed purification and improve productivity.

    When used with Biotage® Selekt, flash purification system, the instrument will suggest the optimal cartridge for your conditions and will help you in optimizing the utilization of Sfär columns. 

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Raffaella Bombarda

Written by Raffaella Bombarda