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Increasing Productivity with Automated Flash Purification - Rice University Customer case

April 16, 2019 at 10:59 PM / by Sarah Moran

"50% of my time as a Ph.D. was spend baby-sitting columns," stated Dr. László Kürti during our interview in February. Keep reading to find out more about how his team was able to increase their productivity by implementing Automated Flash Purification into their lab work.

During a recent trip to Houston, Texas, I was able to stop in at Dr. László Kürti’s lab at Rice University and speak with him and one of his graduate students, Nicole Behnke, to learn about their recent projects, how they use the Isolera™, and learn some interesting chemistry along the way. Sitting inside his office with dozens of textbooks and reference books lining the walls, we dug into the thinking behind the science. 

You might recognize László Kürti from your organic chemistry classes where his first textbook titled “Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis” is widely used by both undergraduate and graduate students, and by professional chemists in research laboratories worldwide.

To learn more about our trip and the questions Dr. Kürti and his team were able to answer, follow the link below!

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Sarah Moran

Written by Sarah Moran

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