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Make researching new chemistries more fun with the right automated flash column chromatography system

November 5, 2018 at 10:00 AM / by John Urh

As we saw in a previous article, the most critical and time-consuming part of organic chemistry synthesis is the purification step. Running a column, testing the resulting fraction, and maybe re-running columns takes too much time – time you could use to prepare reactions or research new chemistries. What if your laboratory equipment made it easier for you to focus on amazing khemistry? Let’s find out what is possible with the latest in automated flash column chromatography systems. 

More consistent results

If you are an organic chemist, you are most likely creating new molecules with undetermined characteristics that don’t always behave in predictable ways. You may be one of those chemists who prefer to keep an eye on the flash chromatography run. If you are, it is likely because you have had many separations fail. But, when you think about it, reliable automated laboratory equipment should enable you to walk away with the confidence of knowing that the purification will be consistently successful.

Not only that, imagine having predictive software that guides conditions based on a previous run, a TLC plate or even a HPLC chromatography run. This would enable you to successfully purify compounds consistently without having to watch over the separation and continuously make adjustments. 

Greater control

Creative chemistry needs your undivided attention. So, it is important that your lab equipment is intuitive, familiar, and fun to run so that you can focus on the chemistry instead. You can compare it to driving. For most people, it’s much more fun to drive a sports car than a minivan. Not only is the sports car more responsive, fast and easier to drive, the design is also more appealing. There are those who say they experience a one-ness when driving a real ‘driver’s car’. Imagine running an organic chemist’s flash column chromatograph that is responsive, fast and simple to control. The result is instantaneous feedback and that ‘in control’ feeling that makes it more fun to run flash chromatography.

Selekt makes it possible to free up more research time by making flash column chromatography faster and more efficient. Thanks to the nice user interface it becomes more fun to run flash chromatography.

Biotage® Selekt enables you to perform more amazing chemistry

We have brought together consistency, control and enjoyment of running flash column chromatography in Biotage® Selekt, designed with Scandinavian sensibility and passion for simple, elegant design with a focus on utility. This system combines a responsive and intuitive user interface with prediction software that means you’ll spend less time at the instrument because it will do a better job of predicting the right set of conditions. And the time spent at the instrument will be a whole lot more pleasant, (and fun!). You can also be more confident in the success of your purification, leaving you time and energy to focus on the most important thing – chemistry! Added to that, Sfär and Sfär Duo columns deliver the most loading options of any flash chromatography columns.

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John Urh

Written by John Urh

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