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Biotage® Selekt

October 1, 2018 at 1:18 PM / by Raffaella Bombarda posted in flash purification, automated chromatography system, column chromatography lab, Flash column chromatography, flash chromatography, workflow


Konfidence With a Capital "K", That's Why I Selekt Biotage

The new Biotage® Selekt Flash Purification System is a system you can use with Konfidence. Purification is a fundamental step in discovery research and, as pioneers of automated flash purification, Biotage® is your ideal partner. Our core philosophies of Quality, Reliability and Environmentalism are drawn from our Swedish heritage. Our smart and intuitive design comes from our knowledge of what our customers need each day. You can see why our customers have “Konfidence” with a capital “ K” in our brand.When it comes to purification there are five reasons to Selekt Biotage®.
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