Five reasons to Selekt Biotage




When it comes to Purification, here are five reasons to Selekt Biotage

Biotage® Selekt and Biotage® Sfär give you

1. Increased Productivity

Two separate column lines to easily switch between normal and reverse phase or reducing sample loss by being able to pause fraction collection between vials. These are just two of the many built in solutions to increase your productivity on a daily basis.

2. The Greenest Columns

Two Sfär columns are packed with high capacity spherical silica to ensure you achieve more concentrated fractions, while reducing solvent and waste.

3. Unbelievable Ease of Use

A beautiful user interface presented on a large touchscreen enables even the most complex task to become simplicity itself. You can perform any task the way you want knowing that Biotage experience will support you every step of the way.

4. Finer Control

You can create methods from single or multiple TLC plates, or from previous runs, and switch between column channels at the flick of a finger. 

5. Amazing Reliability

Selekt is built with a high quality and reliability and equipped with the right service contracts: you will be able to forget the hassle of system downtime and focus on just getting the job done.