Biotage® SNAP or Sfär, that is the question...

Mar 15, 2019 2:21:04 PM / by Raffaella Bombarda

Biotage® Sfär columns have been available since October 1st, 2018 and they are going to replace the Biotage® SNAP product line for flash purification.

The Sfär columns offer significant advantages over the SNAP range:

  • New 5g and 200g columns
  • All spherical 20µm media
  • Increased pressure rating
  • CE marked
  • Fast pressure-driven equilibration when used with the Biotage® Selekt system
  • New improved packaging
  • Clearer labels and QR code when used with the Selekt system

The majority of these advantages are new features that can be of benefit regardless of which flash purification instrument is used to run the column.

However, the main performance advantage of increased pressure capability (and associated higher flow equilibration) requires the use of the Selekt flash purification system.

What are the performance advantages of the new columns that are of benefit to Isolera™ users? Just keep reading...

These two product notes investigate the performance of the Sfär High Capacity Duo columns on the Isolera™ system compared to the older SNAP Ultra product. 

Sfär Help Desk

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Raffaella Bombarda

Written by Raffaella Bombarda