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    Getting started with Flash Chromatography for peptide purification - Tips and Tricks

    Oct 29, 2020 4:00:58 PM / by Elizabeth Denton

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    Have you ever tried a new-to-you technique, only to find yourself frustrated by the lack of results?  Frustration that only seems to compound when you search for resources that may help you get started and only to come up empty-handed?  Me too!!  And often for me, this effort ends with me back to using whatever the previous strategy may have been, because whether it's efficient or not, it's the devil I already know.  

    I've been working with flash chromatography as my primary tool for peptide purification for a couple of years now and honestly encountered some of these similar experiences.  But rather than give up, I pushed on and with the help of some other scientists, have identified some strategies that can help make this technique much easier.

    In today's post, I've compiled a few of the most helpful strategies into a tips and tricks list that should help you to be more successful using flash chromatography for your peptide purification.

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