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      How to purify your peptide using mass directed flash chromatography

      Jul 31, 2019 4:02:19 PM / by Elizabeth Denton posted in Developments, Mass Detection, solid phase peptide synthesis, purify, loading capacity, peptide purification, peptides and flash chromatography, mass-directed purification


      We've all used mass spectrometry to characterize our synthetic peptides.  It's often used to confirm that the peptide was in fact synthesized, then again as part of the purification process to make sure that we're collecting the correct peak.  But how many of you had the opportunity to use in-line mass spectrometry as an integral component during the purification itself?

      In today's post, I'll highlight some of the advantages to using in-line mass mass spectrometry for purification of peptides using reversed phase flash chromatography.

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