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      Can you use normal phase chromatography to purify protected peptides?

      Jun 11, 2019 8:29:38 PM / by Elizabeth Denton posted in normal phase, reversed-phase, flash purification, peptide synthesis, solid phase peptide synthesis, peptides and flash chromatography


      Chemical synthesis of peptides, and even proteins, offers the possibility to expand the functionality and stability imbued by nature.  However, chemical synthesis of very long peptides and small proteins remains today an exceedingly difficult task.  Several ligation strategies have been developed that help to alleviate this challenge.  These strategies though, require a purified, yet fully protected peptide fragment.

      Purification of a fully protected peptide species can be challenging by standard reversed-phase techniques, primarily due to the limited solubility of protected peptides in aqueous solutions.  In today’s post, I will discuss using normal-phase chromatography for purification of protected peptides.

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