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      How to quantify your first amino acid loading onto Wang resins

      Apr 29, 2019 6:04:33 PM / by Elizabeth Denton posted in solid phase peptide synthesis, quantifying resin loading, first amino acid loading, resin loading, synthesis tips


      While many of the standard amino acids can be purchased pre-loaded onto Wang type resins, there are still cases where coupling the first amino acid onto Wang resin manually is necessary.  In my case, an unnatural amino acid was required on the C-terminus so there was not a commercially available source.
      This coupling reaction comes with it’s own set of challenges, which is why many people perform a large scale batch preparation of the pre-loaded resin.  But that’s for a later discussion.  In today’s post I’ll address a different question. How do you quantify the amount of amino acid loaded onto the resin?

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