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Automated flash column chromatography helps to make chemistry more fun

September 19, 2018 at 11:12 AM / by John Urh

Isn’t amazing chemistry what you want to do every day? Don’t you strive for white crystalline final products? But things get in the way, such as other priorities, endless emails and frequent interruptions to your synthetic flow.  Not to mention the challenges of designing new synthetic strategies, creating what could be the world’s most impactful new molecular entity. Finding the right reaction, the right reagents. Finding a way to get around yet another dead end. But those challenges are why you got into chemistry in the first place, right? After all, if it was easy, anyone could do it and you’re not just anyone. So let’s look at a few things that can put the fun back into chemistry.

Be in control of purification and feel the joy of synthesis

We know synthesizing new compounds is rewarding and we want to enjoy every step of the process, and feel that we are in control. So wouldn’t it be nice if key steps of the work you do, such as flash column chromatography, were just more turnkey, reliable and ran faster? What if the tools you employed were made with flair, designed by chemists too? Had thoughtful and purposeful design? Were less of a chore and a distraction? Maybe even a little more fun! What if your equipment made your amazing chemistry easier to focus on?

What we really want are intuitive interfaces that are simple and fun to use. Like the pleasure you feel when you get a new computer with the latest operating system and it simply works better and faster. That instantaneous feedback and that ‘in control’ feeling are real and make it more fun to use.  When you experience the speed of automated systems it feels instantaneous, and you’re back to chemistry before you know it.

Use automated flash column chromatography systems to free up time to enjoy researching new chemistries

Reduce the stress with reliability

Reliability is fun, yet liberating. Well-designed products just run and run, they don’t disappoint with poor reliability, they get the job of synthesis and workup done quickly, and the results are awesome. Purification no longer has to be the least enjoyable part of the organic chemistry synthesis process that you do every day. It’s liberating when evaporation no longer has to be a ‘watch and worry’ event.

Flexibility is enabling

When was the last time you had to come up with a work-around after encountering some chemical dead end? There you are, you dream up a new way to make a compound coupling reaction go and you realize that the tools that you have at hand won’t work for your new approach. Automated flash chromatography systems should have maximum flexibility. Why be limited when you can be enabled?

Over the coming weeks we will be letting you in on ways that you can have more fun when you work and be more creative with fewer distractions.  Amazing Khemistry is what you want to do, and we want to be part of that! Check out the next post, where we dig into the numbers on what chemists like - and don't like - to do, and how we can make it all easier and more fun. 

Automated flash column chromatography frees up time to enjoy researching new chemistries »

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John Urh

Written by John Urh

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