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Bob Bickler

Green Flash Chromatography Webinar

November 26, 2019 at 9:03 PM / by Bob Bickler

Over the past several decades, the chemical industry has implemented process changes and updated practices in R&D and manufacturing in an effort to reduce liquid and solid lab waste. The pharmaceutical industry in particular has taken steps within their drug discovery labs to reduce solvent use by requiring their chemists to find and implement measures that achieve the corporate environmental goals without curtailing their productivity – quite the challenge.

As a partner with the chemical and pharmaceutical industrial machine for over 20 years, Biotage has, and continues, to develop products and technologies to assist chemists with their desire to reduce solvent consumption without sacrificing productivity and output quality.

This webinar provides simple-to-implement changes chemists can use to curb liquid and solvent waste when using flash chromatography as part of their synthetic workflow.

Feel free to watch the recording below!

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If you're interested in a copy of the webinar slides, follow the link here:

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Bob Bickler

Written by Bob Bickler

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