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Let your worries evaporate...it's never been so easy!

April 3, 2019 at 3:10 PM / by Raffaella Bombarda

Have you heard about Biotage® V-10 Touch? If you're struggling with rapidly drying samples dissolved in either aqueous or organic solvents, or evaporating HPLC fractions from purification and high boiling point solvents from synthesis, or simply if you would like to access a novel dry down onto silica technique for easier dry load capabilities, then you are in the right place! Just keep reading... 

Listen to what chemists say about their experience with V-10 Touch:

How do I recover compounds from my reaction mixture of high-boiling solvents?

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What about removing water?

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And evaporating solvents from a reaction with thermolabile compounds?

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It works amazingly for peptide chemistry

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Learn More about using V-10 Touch to evaporate your crude peptide sample before moving to purification. 


It does wonder with DMSO

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So, here what Biotage® V-10 touch can do for you:

Enables Use of High Boiling Point Solvents

Biotage® V-10 Touch rapidly evaporates high boiling point solvents like DMF, DMSO and NMP. This means you can do high temperature reactions without worrying about solvent removal.

Dry Down Directly Onto Silica

By mixing your sample in a silica slurry, you can dry it directly onto the silica, making it ready for instant purification.

Continuous Processing

Combined with a Gilson liquid handler, purified fractions can be queued and automatically transferred to Biotage® V-10 Touch and evaporated sequentially.

Full Control at Your Fingertips

The clean touch interface gives you complete control over your temperature and pressure levels, even on the fly. Biotage® V-10 Touch comes with built in methods for the most common solvents. Program your own custom methods and easily tailor the system for your specific needs.

Speed Without Bumps

With rotation speeds up to 8000 rpm you can perform quick evaporation without the risk of bumping or contamination.

Hot Precision

Precise contact-free heating with live IR control monitors your evaporation and keeps your sample safe at all times.

Vacuum Powered Success

The 2 mbar built-in vacuum pump accelerates the evaporation process. With the external pump you can even evaporate DMSO and NMP in minutes.

Eliminate Reformatting

Compounds are dried directly in vial of choice. Tedious tasks such as sample transfers, handling and reformatting are minimized, increasing productivity in the lab.

Compact Footprint

Localized Touch screen operation along with built-in, solvent-resistant vacuum pump and refrigerated condenser save valuable bench space. 

Versatility and Automation

The versatility of Biotage® V-10 Touch enables evaporation of single samples (up to 12 mL) or large pooled volumes using V-10 Solvent Manager Accessory. Adding the automated vial loading/changing accessory enables unattended evaporation of up to 16 samples. The V-10 Touch Control Center, integrates the system with a liquid handling robot. Combine multiple fractions/samples from different test tube racks and dry them into a single vial in one operation 

Clean and safe evaporation

Bump-free vortex evaporation prevents sample loss while the system’s precise temperature control eliminates sample overheating. Maximize sample recovery with the V-10 automatic, end-of-run detection.

Still curious to learn more? Listen here to the V-10 Touch product manager explaining how it works, or simply

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Raffaella Bombarda

Written by Raffaella Bombarda

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