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April 3, 2019 at 2:59 PM / by Raffaella Bombarda


Getting rid of solvent has long been a bottleneck in organic workflow.
With the powerful Biotage® V-10 Touch evaporator, those days are gone.
This system can evaporate DMSO and NMP with ease, meaning chemists
are no longer limited to only volatile solvents in reaction design.

How to load samples in a V-10 Touch

It is quick, it can be left unattended, all important parameters are monitored in real time, and no bumping!

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Drying Down Reactions onto Silica

You’ll never have to scrape dried silica out of a round bottom flask. Here we show how to quickly remove solvent from and adsorb reaction products onto silica in less than 5 minutes. We show how easy it is to transfer your dried product to a flash chromatography system.

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Drying down larger volumes

You can let the V-10 remove 10-1000 mL completely unattended. Here we show how the solvent manager is used to dry down larger volumes automatically.

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Working with different vials

Biotage® V-10 Touch rapidly dries samples dissolved in both aqueous and organic solvents. Vials from 4 mL to 30 mL can be used on the V-10.

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Replacing a solvent

Redissolve your sample after evaporation and switch solvents easily. Also used as cleaning solvent to maintain sample integrity
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Multiple samples on the carousel

When multiple vials need to be dried down, the sample automation features of the V-10 come in handy.

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Working with the Liquid Handler

Transferring multiple fractions into a single vial and removing the solvent is easy with the liquid handler option on the V-10.

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Drying Down from Biotage® Initiator+

Transferring reacted materials from a microwave synthesizer to dried vial is easy with the liquid handler. Here we show how the Biotage Initiator+ and the V-10 work together to make post reaction dry-down super easy.

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