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Amit Mehrotra

Peptide Workflow in action at Red Glead Discovery

May 28, 2020 3:33:10 PM / by Amit Mehrotra

Red Glead Discovery (RGD) is a pre-clinical drug discovery CRO offering a broad range of services to Life Science clients. With a focus on small molecules and peptides, their drug discovery platform ranges from medicinal chemistry and synthesis to ADME and biology. In addition to the CRO business, they also perform research collaborations with various biotech and academic partners.

Red Glead Discovery is currently collaborating with Immunor, a technology and vaccine research and development company based in Norway, to develop a vaccine against SARS-CoV2, the virus responsible for COVID19. The project requires the design and synthesis of several different peptides to be tested in vitro immunization and tox-studies. The peptides, which are 30-40 amino acids in length, are synthesized on RGDs two Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™ microwave peptide synthesizers.

We met with Richard E. Johnsson, Ph.D., Head of Peptide Chemistry at Red Glead Discovery, Lund, Sweden, where he told us about using Biotage products in his workflow.

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Amit Mehrotra

Written by Amit Mehrotra